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What bananas can tell us about supply chains | MIT Sloan

How complex it is to move the bananas to the stores in the least possible time and least cost ? A seemingly inconsequential logistics problem is indeed a complex supply chain example. Interesting read 👏 In a new book, MIT professor Yossi Sheffi examines supply chain complexity, artificial intelligence, and the future of work. —…

Continuos Learning for a professional

The need for continuous learning in an on-going job or career stems out of the fact that additional degrees or diplomas would stand good in job promotions. A working Executive MBA is today considered a must for those aspiring to be a VP or GM or Head of a business unit. If you were a…

Are you a leader or a coach or a mentor?

A Leader sets up a vision and leads a team to achieve it. Not everyone matches his / her speed. A Coach understands a person’s strength and channels it to deliver the objective. He lets you perform on the stage by not being with you. A Mentor provides valuable inputs at intervals in a person’s…

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