All of us, at some point in time, had a mentor or two or still have one. What makes us to consider a person as a mentor? Leadership traits, uncluttered views in matters, success in profession, role modelling, sticking to a righteous path or counselling attitude during difficult times – some or all of these qualities in them had helped us to choose our mentor.

We have heard mentees saying their lives were greatly influenced or impacted by their mentors which is good if positive things happen but in a professional career, is it entirely true ? We cannot have an autocratic leader or boss as a mentor; we cannot have one who is good in manoeuvring office politics and has grabbed power or someone who employs dubious ways to achieve goals and results . It is important that youngsters choose more than one mentor along their professional journeys because people long for newer things at various stages in life and they meet persons who help them to realise these new aspirations. 

This route will help us not to become a fanatic or feel strong about a leader or faith or belief in our community too. Hero worship or Patronising a leader is harmful if it is taken to a level that blunts our views and approach for our own good as well our families and society. It was considered a right step in a progressing society many decades ago during the era of Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Swami Vivekananda or Mother Terasa but today we do not have persons of their stature with us.

Having said the above, we also realise that digital mentor is taking over human mentor these days but there is none to guide the youngsters to appreciate what is right or wrong in a physical world. Society for many generations, had learnt to lead a good life from the teachings of Gurus / Teachers and perhaps it is wiser for us to continue the same way, because this is how we enrich our knowledge and be good to our society and environment.

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