3 R’s of a Professional career

Retrospect, Replenish, Rejuvenate

Mid career blues is a worrying factor for many and they start feeling that their careers are not where they would like them to be. As we spend years in the profession ,we set our priorities and goals that condition our mind to shape our thoughts and actions. We become obsessed with them and sometimes fail to notice that there have been deviations in our path that had involuntarily crept in and consequently these deviations moved us away from achieving our goals.

There are individuals who had set out on their career path with certain skills or qualifications. As years passed by, they realise that these skills are not the ones that will continue to be useful to help them grow in their work place. There are enough success stories of individuals who had identified newer opportunities and grabbed them in spite of the fact that these opportunities required totally different set of skills. They acquired those new skills and repositioned them to enjoy rewarding careers. If you observe, some of those people who are successful today in Information Technology, Finance, FinTech, Retail or Asset Management are those who have switched their career from the traditional jobs like manufacturing , banking, government services or infrastructure industry.

As working professionals, we need to RETROSPECT our past and assess where we would reach to realise our goals with our current skills. A strong mind is required at this stage to move away if the present is not conducive and is not going to take us to the future that has huge potential.

REPLENISHMENT is the way of finding out what has been used up in our inventory of skills and if they could be improved to be more useful to meet the demands of industry and to reward us more in the work place. Picking up management lessons from a good school or learning a new software language or engaging a mentor to help unearth our latent talents are a few areas we could look at.

Having armed with a new inventory of skills, let us REJUVENATE our career, injecting it with thoughts that would freshen up our outlook about a renewed future. Pursuing fresh ideas keeps our minds alert and inquisitive to learn new things.





Published by sivakumargopal

Certified Corporate Director || Certified Independent Director || Independent Consultant Management Consulting- Strategy & Operations || Advisor || Career Coach & Mentor || ERP, Digital Consulting || Management professional of 38 years of experience in multiple areas – IT / ERP SAP Practice & Consulting, Sales, Marketing, Services, Business Development, Customer Relations Management, Program & Delivery Management, People Management, Competency Management,Software Service Delivery.

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