Continuos Learning for a professional

The need for continuous learning in an on-going job or career stems out of the fact that additional degrees or diplomas would stand good in job promotions. A working Executive MBA is today considered a must for those aspiring to be a VP or GM or Head of a business unit.

If you were a CEO or MD, would you hire a person who had done a similar MBA as a full time student and had experience using that knowledge to good use in a previous company or promote a team member who did an Executive MBA? Mostly the first option would be the choice. An outside candidate is expected to bring in some fresh ideas that resulted in success as compared to an insider who is constrained by organization’s operational limitations and hierarchy. It is a challenge for the insider to wriggle out of them and prove himself or herself.

An on-premise management degree is a serious business ( if done in a good university) with exposure to a no.of real time case analyses and mock decision making exercises alongwith stiff competition from peer students, make a candidate better suited for a top job than an insider.

Additional degrees or qualifications do help the insider to go up a notch or two in hierarchy but not right upto the top. Some organisations want the insiders to be made ready for a top role and gets them to be guided / trained by an experienced coach rather than hiring an outsider at high cost. It is somewhat ok to groom a person in this method to encourage inside talent,but the art of right decision making cannot be coached by an expert as he or she cannot be privy to the organisation’s ground realities and tactics. A coach at best can outline the options that lead to the right decision and it is upto the promising leader to make that call. Also the coach offers insights in management decision making process or leadership grooming based on his or her own experience ( either in the same industry or in a different industry) and that is done over a 4-6 month conversational exchange. There is no doubt this coaching exercise makes the insider open the eyes to the realms management methods and improved personal attributes.

If you intend staying in the same job, augmenting your skills is vital to keep your mind engaged with new information. But hoping that it will leap frog you in the corporate ladder of your organisation in the short time then you may have to face disappointment. If getting an additional degree helps you to land on a better job, then go for it.

What is your experience? Feel free to share your views and thoughts 😊

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