2021 – How does it look like?

I plan to discuss a series of trends that look promising in 2021 and beyond under this topic…

On-Line Education:

The plethora of on-line educational sites, aggressively endorsed by celebrity actors of Bollywood ( though difficult to fathom why they need to do it) on TV channels makes one wonders whether they are targeted at school going children or arm chair elders who spend more time in front of TV. In any case this is what everyone is lapping up either to become a young SW coder or pick up some new skills and get some brownie points in their year end appraisal chart. While on -line education per se is a new way of getting you up to date, what is difficult to swallow is the fact that there is nothing in offer for youngsters to learn something new apart from their academic curriculum. But for the likes of Kinder Garden going children to school & college going students, it may be a convenient way of learning, some subjects of study are even tailored to their needs, what is sadly missing is the fun element of interacting with their friends and teachers to get to know stuff beyond their subjects of study.

While it is understood that on-line coaching is different than on-line education, the former being primarily aimed at improving the scores in competitive exams, the latter is more like a substitute to a class room study, organised by educational institutions as an additional way for academically weaker students to become better at school exams.

There is no denying of the fact that the business opportunity for both types of education is tremendous and start ups are apparently enlisting more people and hence this business opportunity holds a lot of promise from a commercial venture point of view. You will see more money being pumped in here both by start-up companies and educational institutes / Universities and there is absolutely no regulation on the quality of education that is being taught. Parents or people opting for on-line education must be their own judges of the contents, the methodology of delivery and the capability of coaches/teachers.




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