What bananas can tell us about supply chains | MIT Sloan

How complex it is to move the bananas to the stores in the least possible time and least cost ? A seemingly inconsequential logistics problem is indeed a complex supply chain example. Interesting read 👏 In a new book, MIT professor Yossi Sheffi examines supply chain complexity, artificial intelligence, and the future of work. —Continue reading “What bananas can tell us about supply chains | MIT Sloan”

Generation Gap

A generation gap is nothing but changes that happen in you due to external influences. Human minds become conditioned due to these influences – beliefs and behaviours. If you are unaffected, then you, your dad, your son /daughter or your grand son / grand daughter think alike and do things that keep all happy withoutContinue reading “Generation Gap”

Poverty is a creation of politics

More people are getting into murky politics because it is the best way of making huge money irrespective of what you had studied or who your ancestors were. We have seen,for generations, politicians were richer than entrepreneurs and the trend is growing shamelessly unabated. Every government says it is committed to wean away money fromContinue reading “Poverty is a creation of politics”

Conviction and Compromise

Conviction and Compromise are two sides of a coin. Clarity in conviction is what it takes to be a respected leader in a business or society or politics. It differentiates between a successful leader and a failed leader. History has many examples of how people miserably did things that eventually led to their downfall.

Save your money

The twenty’s and thirty’s are the most productive periods in one’s life because what one does in this period determines his/ her success in wealth creation, a continued comfortable life and financial security. Here are some tips that could be useful: 1. You need mobility but not in a high end car that needs thatContinue reading “Save your money”

Move the needle for a Better Sustainable world

‘Create a Sustainable world’ has been a clarion call for many decades but the big question still remains – are we doing enough for the future generations? In a 1987 report, Brundtland called out a sustainable development as the one that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the futureContinue reading “Move the needle for a Better Sustainable world”