Path to Success

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How do we find out the path to success if we did not know the reasons for our failures? 

Failures are results of how we have conditioned our minds and actions by not focusing on what we had aimed to achieve but on how others did their work. 

It is human nature to keep complaining about people. It is just an attempt to raise oneself by speaking ill about others. The roots of hatred frozen deep in us shows up in our disposition to find faults everywhere – in people, society and system. We comment on people we don’t like but not on those we love. 

The growth of others, their happiness, their contended life, their beauty and their fame sow the seeds of jealous in us and they manifest into our finding faults in them. It is an ugly attempt to fill in the cavities in our mind. We dig ourselves deep and stifle our growth by this demeanour.

In an office environment, some people tend to cling on to their jobs by speaking bad about their colleagues, for their own career advancement and growth. But that will not keep them going for long and they will know at a point that it is their capability that will propel them to go up in the career path.

Human ego is like a banyan tree and the aerial roots are our faults. The egoistic nature makes us to look at faults in others with magnified eyes. If we make an effort to get rid of our ego, then we will see how this bad habit in us just vanishes. 

As per human psychology, people desire that they want to be always spoken about or noticed and this is a reflection of their inferior mind set about themselves. 

If we are determined to mend our ways out of this bad habit, we need to first realise that we are indeed afflicted with it and go out with an open mind to seek an honest assessment from your partner or spouse or close friends or mentor as what had gone wrong with us. The moment we are made aware of our apparent defects in our dealing with people, we take out a huge load off our shoulders. We realise this load has kept us long, away from our self development and from realising our true potential. In as much as we don’t feel happy about others finding faults in us, they also feel the same way. 

Let us accept people as they are and we do it first with our own self. 

Life is going to be purposeful and wonderful !

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