A creative HR organization helps to unlock employee potential

Successful organizations have always thrived and grown, and employees are a good reason, for their experience enhances the ambience at work, improves their productivity and creates positive vibes all around. A happy work force results in employee retention, breeds innovation and lower operating costs. But the arrival of the pandemic and its impact on the business environment, disrupting the employer-employee engagement, has made HR organization to think a newer way to gain insights into the minds of employees.

In a competitive marketplace, how do organizations keep the morale of the employees high to achieve their business outcomes, especially when we are seeing lower level of personal interaction with leadership or peers during the period of WFH. Longer work hours, coping with both work and family pressures at the same time and absence of leisure activities when they are struck indoors, they all contribute to stressed up individuals and do a great harm to the well-being of employees besides drop in productivity and lack of active participation in new business initiatives that their organizations plan to execute.

Data that are available to HR team in an organization, from its employees – Pay-roll, medical, Finance, feedback on surveys etc – all these helps to analyse, and gain insights using AI tools and take a decision concerning an employee or a group of employees as to what would they need to do to keep them happier. A huge volume of data is available to top leaders of the organization but inaccessibility of the data by functional managers or HR, handicaps them to devise methods to increase the level of engagement with their teams.

Most of the organizations focus only on leadership team and their well-being but little thought is being given to lower layers of work force. The requirements for 25-year-olds in an organization are different that of employees who are past 40. The challenge lies in tailoring their perquisites and support to meet their expectations and that is where the data on hand comes handy. This challenge may be even insurmountable when the organization has grown over new acquisitions or mergers involving different cultures and practices. The commitment level of individuals with respect to meeting their needs towards house mortgage, health and well ness, career advancement, Children education, leisure and social do vary. Most organizations do not have the culture to share the data of their employees within its hierarchy, but it must be done to help improvise programs that enhance employees’ involvement in organizational growth initiatives. However, the usage or leveraging data to align with corporate objectives, may require consent from employees as per local laws of the country.

Understanding employee behaviour is of great importance to an organization and collecting and analysing their behavioural / psychological data for a better employee experience, and a more productive individual are important. HR teams should spend more time and resources to achieve them.



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One thought on “A creative HR organization helps to unlock employee potential

  1. A large Global IT organization with a huge presence in India, has just announced ” a Return-ship Program” for employees who had gone on a break and are wishing to re-join. A good example for a creative HR organization!


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