Efficient & Effective Sales Organizations

Is an efficient sales organisation an effective sales organisation too?

Are they different or the same?

An efficient sales organisation has a set of predefined processes and principles that lead to faster customer acquisition or increased sales revenue. An effective sales organisation is the one that re-aligns or modifies its processes, sales channels, promotions depending on the market conditions, consumer behaviour and life-cycle stage of the product.

An efficient sales organisation is like a well oiled machine that has its own market, customer segments and channels and that sells what has been produced in bulk with a margin that is pre fixed. It is constructed as a’ push marketing ‘ organisation.

An effective sales organisation is like going on a high way but taking alternate routes if the highway is blocked or crowded and finds out new markets to push its produce. It is in-built with market intelligence on pricing, differential margins, competition, product variations and communication. It is constructed as a ‘pull marketing’ organisation.

A start-up would need to start with an effective sales organisation and move towards an efficient sales organization as the product matures and gets into a large market.


How are push and pull marketing strategies deployed and how are they different?

You may read an interesting comparison:

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