Artificial Intelligence – Is it something new?

AI has been there for many years and it is not something new today. Every automation effort in the last few decades was the result of AI, whether it was XL Spreadsheet formulae or the auto spell correction in MS Word or MS Project scheduling. Robots and Robotic machines are classic examples of AI but let us remember they all came out of human intelligence which is much superior to AI. The stock markets are driven by data and the algorithms have taken over the decision making patterns to make you a pauper or a billionaire. Data analysis and interpretation form the fundamental logic behind these innovations and it is still continuing in more incredible manner. In short, AI is all around with us, almost invisibly. From the applications we use for work to the devices we carry with us to how we use social media, AI is working hard to make all of our lives better.

Dicing and slicing of data is the core component of an organisation’s strategy in every industry vertical. Health care, Geology, Space, Energy and Environmental related studies are so vital to the survival of humans on the earth and more research in these areas with the help of AI/ML is of paramount importance. We are obligated to solve more complex human related problems than increasing the bottom line of a balance sheet. Global spending in these studies should be exponentially more than what we spend on Arms and weapons. Luxury should never be our aim to expand AI capability. Our lives are precious than creation of wealth. Human race will always survive with its boundary-less intelligence and accumulation of wealth for our next generations should never be a priority. Our mind is not to be occupied with a thought of how much portion I will get in a 4 quarter pizza or 8 piece pizza to determine the size of the pizza to order.

AI will surely be a mind boggling area of capability in the coming years and it will assume ascendency of unimaginable scale to create innovations and support decision making so much so that we would feel it took over our natural intelligence. The neural networks in our brain are being replicated with AI programs that it will be hard to differentiate between human thinking and machine thinking.

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