Do you cheer up your friends and siblings?

Cheering up for your friends and siblings is a virtue not everyone possesses. It is a nice feeling to get perked up when your shoulders are down after you fail in an examination or in a competition or in a venture.

Only a few parents spend more time on the children and understand the failures of their wards as much as they appreciate their success. Most of the other parents fail to recognise the potential or talents of their children and help them nurturing them to bloom. Instead they scold the children for not living up to their expectations and getting peeved off when they score poorly feeling low amongst other parents. They put constant pressure on their kids and turn them into timid introverts afraid of even attempting any new initiative.

On the contrary, siblings and friends always stand up for what you have or haven’t done. They recognise that their bosom pals do have talents that have to come out. Doing it in a public forum or amidst other family members are like oxygen and you feel you own them a great deal of gratitude and thanks. Such friends are rare to get in today’s world of fierce competition and they stay close to you by being a part of your highs and lows for many decades.

Moving away, we see appreciations of people and performers dwindling down in public forums or concerts or speeches. Somehow we have picked up this trait from our elders mostly in our younger days and we just nod our heads or are feeble in our claps when someone does well on the dais. We do the same in our communications too in WA or Facebook or Insta. We are not generous in recognising a genuine achiever. We fail to acknowledge such efforts that otherwise lifts up the morale and focus of the achiever to perform better in his or her area of specialisation.

The society needs achievers to progress in every sphere and they need to be encouraged all the time to be an inspiration for many young minds to emulate and boldly tread on a path of success and fame.

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