Why do we glorify everything as “the greatest”?

These are the some of “the greatest” that we hear:

Dad,Mom, Parents, Friend, Leader, Boss,Country, Political Party, Actor, Sportsman, Organisation and so on…

Greatest is not a permanent stature to any of them mentioned above as it keeps changing in one’s perception over the years. They have created an impact that has got them that adjective. It is just a recognition and honour one is bestowed with. There are living examples of many eminent persons having that tag as they continue to inspire people around them. There have been many role models in our different phases of life and they don’t stay long as such.

Once we tag someone as ‘the greatest’, he or she always has still some scope to improve and that’s how they stay true to that word for a long time. It is a precarious position to stay contented with that title because as you stay basked in that fame, you fail to stay relevant to what is going on around you. Nobody is ‘the greatest’ for ever because they have been constantly improving in what they think, do and advocate.

It is dangerous for you to get tagged as ‘ the greatest’ because staying there long without continuing to make impactful actions that appeal to your people or community, gets you into complacency that pushes you down the pedestal and the admirers or followers look for someone who is afresh in thoughts and actions.

As a motivating tool, it is good for all of us to strive and work towards to be called ‘the greatest’, but it requires unrelenting hard work and right methods in our actions towards a really true and noble objective. Nobody sets out to be ‘the greatest’ and it is the people around you who labels you ‘ the greatest’ after seeing your actions and accomplishments.

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