Little thoughts….

Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station.

Situations don’t make you happy, we make them happy and memorable too at times.

We chase dreams, nightmares chase us. Choose the right approach towards life.

Reality is like a clear water, you see it only after a long & patient wait.

Don’t try to pretend to be clever all the time. It is good to be dumb at times to know the truth.

Street smartness works well at sales but it doesn’t with friends or loved ones.

Chance and opportunity are two extremes. One arrives unexpectedly and the other is found out after you put in considerable effort.

Mediocre men are tolerated in organisations but mediocre women aren’t. Women have to make huge effort to stand out.

Excellence requires hard work to achieve and harder to maintain for a longer time.

Buying Peace is all good but it needs huge effort to work towards it.

Everything in this world is bought over a trade, including peace and enmity.

Governments could be reckless and squander people’s money but not the head of the family.

What is good for you is good for your society and country too.

All over the world governments work towards making poor poorer and rich richer.

Inefficiency is not measured in any manner, it shows up in the results.

Love for the country is not shown only when look up at the flag, but we show it when all people are treated equal and happily co-exist. Happy society, Happy country.

Published by sivakumargopal

Certified Corporate Director || Certified Independent Director || Independent Consultant Management Consulting- Strategy & Operations || Advisor || Career Coach & Mentor || ERP, Digital Consulting || Management professional of 38 years of experience in multiple areas – IT / ERP SAP Practice & Consulting, Sales, Marketing, Services, Business Development, Customer Relations Management, Program & Delivery Management, People Management, Competency Management,Software Service Delivery.

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