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20 years ago, we lived in a phase of life with all gadgets around us to communicate with others, take pictures, store data,copy documents etc. But 20 years from now it will be fascinating and exciting for us to learn how our life is going to be easier with technology pervading into our daily life determining what and how we should do.

I came across an interesting article by Sandeep Parasrampuria that lists some of the technological wonders that we will learn to accept and move on with our life.


Sandeep Parasrampuria, CEO, Fingers sheds light on 20 thrilling technologies that will change lives 20 years from now

Industry leader | Published on 10 Jun 2021

We’re celebrating our 20th birthday this month, and we’ve invited industry experts, researchers and scientists to write in and paint a vision of the future, 20 years from now. Here’s what Sandeep Parasrampuria, CEO, Fingers had to share about his vision of the future.

Before we look at 2040, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to 20 years past. Life at the start of the new millennium was completely unalike today and filled with technology that is no longer known to the modern generation. Landlines, Floppy Disks, VCRs, Phone Books, Copiers, Film cameras went from awesome to obsolete real quick. 

It is interesting to see where the digital world will be headed by 2040. Digital enhancements and innovations may leave us baffled in 2040, wondering how we lived 20 years ago!

Let’s ponder on how fascinating 2040 could possibly be!

One – Virtual cloud on-the-go. Data and information might be available virtually as air. Everything on the go will take on a literal meaning and the word “connect” in your gadgets will be out! Imagine wherever you are – in elevators, or car, or airplane; data will move seamlessly without a thought.

Two – AI will make you believe the world revolves around your choice! As you talk, discuss, act – all around you will be your discussions and at fingertips or, perhaps a wink! AI will resemble RI (Real Intelligence) 

Three – Driverless and automated intelligent cars will move, self-park and may fly too! 

Four – People’s job profiles will change. They will need to work less! Most routine work will be covered by robotics.

Five – Typing or working on gadgets my get redundant and will be replaced by voice commands and gesture movements.

Six – Local/Vernacular languages will no longer be barriers to trade and travel. On the go translations of spoken and written language will ensure a global world and smoother travel. 

Seven – Green energy will be affordable and freely available. A quieter lifestyle will actually be a reality with vehicles running on clean, renewable power sources.

Eight – Virtual charging surfaces will be ubiquitous, allowing effortless charging of gadgets on table-tops or car dashboards/surfaces.

Nine – Space Tourism will turn from fantasy into a reality! Holidays to Mars, round trip around Venus and perhaps, some may prefer to settle in outer space!

Ten – Medical treatments will be robotics driven for high precision needs.

Eleven – All gadgets will be connected to the cloud. IoT will be way of life.

Twelve – Robots and Cobots – Most of the routine workforce will be replaced by robots partially or, completely giving rise to the term Cobots i.e. Colleagues that are Robots.

Thirteen – Personal banking and professional banking will see massive developments with blockchain technology making it cheaper, faster and secure. Won’t be surprised if physical money and physical banking concepts may vanish or will be limited to specific requirements. 

Fourteen – Physical credit cards will be replaced by virtual limits in your wallets.

Fifteen – Computer/Laptop will be thin and practically weightless. Even foldable, like a sheet enabling you activate it any place and anywhere. 

Sixteen – Remote business meetings will be conducted virtually as a standard. People may travel just for rejuvenation. Business travels will be limited to physical installations or luxury to spend physical time with partners/colleagues.

Seventeen – Wearable gadgets will be indispensable. They will be miniaturised and may be even inserted in ones’ body. Information and entertainment will revolve around these gadgets.

Eighteen – Wearable gadgets will pre-empt possible body disorders to take required actions in the nick of time.

Nineteen – Theatres will be at every home with at least 60”+ display installed with plethora of content on the cloud. This will be economical entertainment at its best!

Twenty – 3D Printing will be used to construct buildings, structures, and some products within a matter of hours/days which are taking months and years to do presently.

Welcome to 2040 – A New Digital World – more comfortable, connected, and effortless living!

– By Sandeep Parasrampuria, CEO, Fingers

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