Conviction and Compromise

Conviction ( a strong belief) and compromise don’t go together.

Many great accomplishments were done by people who had convictions in what they had believed in. A small detergent / chemical manufacturer,Dhirubani dreamed and nurtured his business to become a colossal of a company called Reliance Industries that catapulted the surname Ambani to sky high. Friends having the same zeal and goal got together with Rs 10000 loan from one of the wives and established the biggest start-up this country has seen in Infosys. They have grown their businesses with a clear objective of becoming a leader in their industries.

On the other side of the fence, we have seen leaders or founders faltering from their grand vision, getting into debt traps and falling hard from the pedestals. Compromises on business ethics, over ambition, poor customer expectation management and financial irregularities drove high fliers like Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways to fail. Similar fate happened to Onida to disappear after being a top seller in TV business. Nano had an early death in spite of it being an affordable car on crowded Indian roads.

People tend to dilute their efforts to sustain their vision that they had strongly believed in. Such compromises by leaders in organisations or a society leave a deep scar on their persona and their failures turn into case studies in business schools.

Conviction in a cause or belief for the right reasons may get you into trouble at times or be inconvenient to others. Eventually it presents a fruitful outcome. That belief also makes the followers to adapt to a similar path and thus it becomes infectious. Compromise is a short cut to fast track your process to reach a goal or accomplish an objective but the outcome always has flaws that cannot be reversed.

Clarity in conviction gets one to the top and be respected.

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