Poverty is a creation of politics

More people are getting into murky politics because it is the best way of making huge money irrespective of what you had studied or who your ancestors were. We have seen,for generations, politicians were richer than entrepreneurs and the trend is growing shamelessly unabated.

Every government says it is committed to wean away money from politics but the politicians manage to clandestinely work with government machinery and law enforcement that are supposed to uphold law and justice.

A recent post in this website said there is poverty when politicians are getting richer day by day than industrialists and entrepreneurs. How true this is!

We fancy jobs in governments are prepared to spend to make our way through the gutters of political boundaries that are controlled by politicians. Agreed there are a few saints in politics but their voices are stifled by the goons that serve the masters.

We spend in thousands and lakhs of rupees to get our work done as ‘ speed money’ and are also one of the root causes as partners in crime in spreading the disease in our community.

#poverty #politics #lawenforcement

Published by sivakumargopal

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