Poverty is a creation of politics

More people are getting into murky politics because it is the best way of making huge money irrespective of what you had studied or who your ancestors were. We have seen,for generations, politicians were richer than entrepreneurs and the trend is growing shamelessly unabated. Every government says it is committed to wean away money fromContinue reading “Poverty is a creation of politics”

Transformations – In Individual, Organisation, Economy and Country

Transformations happen all the time, in individuals, businesses and countries. It is the values that get created during the transformations that keep the wheel of growth always moving forward. That’s how we progress and prosper as individuals and countries.

Imbibing moral values in kids – Story telling

There is a grave concern that children get swayed by hate speeches and actions that impact them in a negative way and alter the views of their thoughts on what is right and just. This has a consequent effect on our social fabric that binds the people to live in harmony. For generations before us,Continue reading “Imbibing moral values in kids – Story telling”

Evolution of Writing ✍️

Palm leaf writing Nail Inscriptions Bird feather writing Fountain pen writing  Mechanical Typewriter  Ball point Pen Electric/ Electronic Typewriter  Electronic Printer Inkjet Printer Laser Printer  Voice Printer  Digital Printing 3D Printing . . . Over the last many centuries, the art and the method of writing have taken many forms. Have the human thoughts alsoContinue reading “Evolution of Writing ✍️”