Are you a leader or a coach or a mentor?

A Leader sets up a vision and leads a team to achieve it. Not everyone matches his / her speed. A Coach understands a person’s strength and channels it to deliver the objective. He lets you perform on the stage by not being with you. A Mentor provides valuable inputs at intervals in a person’sContinue reading “Are you a leader or a coach or a mentor?”

Does strategy need to be short sighted or far sighted?

In today’s business, a strategy needs to be a for a shorter period of time as there are compelling challenges in front of the business leader to encompass ESG mandates, technology disruptions and stakeholders’ expectations.

Transformations – In Individual, Organisation, Economy and Country

Transformations happen all the time, in individuals, businesses and countries. It is the values that get created during the transformations that keep the wheel of growth always moving forward. That’s how we progress and prosper as individuals and countries.