2023 & thereafter – Expectations for a better world than today

2022 has been a heart breaking year for many who are grieved and displaced due to the ongoing war. It has also been a year of remarkable turn around for many coming out of Covid impact. Indian economy, in particular, has bounced back with a renewed optimism. But the effect of war and the generalContinue reading “2023 & thereafter – Expectations for a better world than today”

India’s Turning Point – Challenges & Opportunities — Archives

I am happy to share the outcome of the year-long research done by McKinsey Global Institute. The findings are important in the context of Covid-19’s effect on health and economy. Though people have not returned to work at the levels that existed before Covid, it has been steadily recovering. Covid and lockdowns have taken a […]Continue reading “India’s Turning Point – Challenges & Opportunities — Archives”

COVID Economy – Intriguing !

We assume economic hiccups always teach lessons to corporates and governments but in reality it is hardly so. We had witnessed a massive financial melt-down in 2008 due to sub-prime mortgage crisis but what I hear is that this event did not force industry and government to tighten the controls and they were back toContinue reading “COVID Economy – Intriguing !”