2023 & thereafter – Expectations for a better world than today

2022 has been a heart breaking year for many who are grieved and displaced due to the ongoing war. It has also been a year of remarkable turn around for many coming out of Covid impact. Indian economy, in particular, has bounced back with a renewed optimism. But the effect of war and the generalContinue reading “2023 & thereafter – Expectations for a better world than today”

Imbibing moral values in kids – Story telling

There is a grave concern that children get swayed by hate speeches and actions that impact them in a negative way and alter the views of their thoughts on what is right and just. This has a consequent effect on our social fabric that binds the people to live in harmony. For generations before us,Continue reading “Imbibing moral values in kids – Story telling”

Happiness is the measure of Success

Happiness is the measure of our success, whether we are students, home makers, working individuals or CEOs of company. It is our ability to see good things in the way we carry out our responsibilities and feel positive about them, gets us happiness. We sometimes feel remorse that a particular thing has not gone wellContinue reading “Happiness is the measure of Success”